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Even series.

21 Apr

I knew we would win game 4.  What I didn’t expect was another shutout.  It was a hell of a game.

It was my first time going to the party in the plaza.  All week long it said it was going to be 65 degrees.  Naturally, I was looking forward to this.  All day long it was super windy outside so I had been alright with that.  But then add that to the (barely?) 40 degree weather that was also occurring and I know why I can still feel the freezing air throughout my body four hours later. Holy HELL was it cold!  About midway through the first period I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.  I thought I wore enough layers.  I thought wrong.  Brr!  It was still a great game, watching with great people.

I had a feeling the Sabres were going to come out strong, and they did. I was very happy with the way they handled the physicality of the game tonight. They weren’t taking shit from ANYONE.  I’ve watched Myers drop Briere over 5 times now.  Myers certainly had his mean streak going tonight, and I couldn’t have been happier to see that.   Carcillo wants to bump Miller?  Miller isn’t gonna take that either, and he retaliated. Feisty Miller is my favorite Miller. 

I don’t think Richard’s elbow warrants a suspension, but it definitely should have been a major. Watch the replay. He sees Kaleta, and instead of just bracing for the hit, he intentionally elbows him in the head. The really sad thing is the big hockey media right now are saying that they would have done the same thing. I don’t understand it.   Kris Versteeg said,

“I think (Richards) was just protecting himself because you never know what Patrick Kaleta is capable of.  He is a dangerous player out there when it comes down to it. You never know if he’s going to run you from behind or if he’s going to hit you without the puck.”

Um, Kris. Have you seen who you play for? Your entire team is filled with dirty players.  I’m not saying Kaleta is a saint, but all he was doing was going for the check. Maybe Richards should have just taken it like a man instead of throwing an elbow. And the Flyers are going to complain about the penalties called on them? Hi, watch Game 2 and think again about opening your mouth. When you have morons like Hartnell and Carcillo on your team, you’re going to get some penalties called on you.

SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THAT EFFING POWER PLAY. I hate nothing more than watching wasted lengthy opportunities go to waste because of our garbage plays.

Pominville scored the only goal of the game. I take credit for this one because before the game I asked if Pominville was still playing this series.  :p 

About midway through the 2nd period I thought to myself  “Is this seriously going to be another 1-0 game? Apparently it’s the only way we can win games.” Of course there was no way in hell I was saying that out loud, jinxes and all.   At the end of the game Shelby said pretty much exactly that. I looked at her and said I was thinking that earlier but couldn’t say it til the end of the game. Great minds think alike, duh.

RYAN MOTHER FUCKING MILLER.   Holy crap.  Where did this beast come from?  He was unreal, just..  wow.  I think the Flyers talking shit to him works wonders for him. Keep at it boys.  It’s only going to help us in the end. That save he made when Briere was in all alone on him, I forgot to breathe for about a minute. He absolutely deserved everyone, inside and outside, chanting his name. Even Lindy said he was chanting with the crowd. 

The scrum at the end was ridiculous. I need to watch it again tomorrow on the replay because I was too busy celebrating the shutout to pay attention, but the bad blood between these teams is starting to boil over. Spearing Gerbe, really? He will crush your soul. Myers will continue to crush Briere, and anyone else who gets in his way. Better stay away from Miller’s crease, because he doesn’t give a shit either. We aren’t scared.

I’m glad I braved the harsh conditions for this game. The party in the plaza is awesome. Hopefully there will be a round 2, so it’ll be a bit warmer for the next time I can go!

I’ll leave you with little bit of awesomeness.


It’s been a while.

2 Jul

Ok, so to start things off I must congratulate Tyler Myers for winning the Calder, and Ryan Miller for winning the Vezina.  Outstanding seasons from both of you!! They totally earned it. Hopefully we’ll see a few more Vezina’s from Ryan and a few Norris’s for Tyler in the near future!

Also congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup. And Pat Kane for making the most awkward OT goal since…..well, you know. At least the Cup can make a short stop in Buffalo.

Free Agency. I’m not quite sure what Darcy is up to here.

Farewell my sweet, sweet Swede. (Although you DEF got overpaid) I will miss you Henrik.

Lydman, not so much. You overturned the puck waaaay too much, and it seemed like you could only keep it in the zone half the time without  the puck going over the blueline.

Coming in is Jordan Leopold. The only things that springs to mind is him getting absolutely WRECKED during a playoff game this year.

Cody McCormick also re-signed a one way deal for one year. I like it. The last two games with him playing were completely different. I love the way he plays.  One has to assume that Adam Mair will not be back in Buffalo now.

And that’s it as of right now.  I’m hoping they sign Carlo Colaiacovo just to get a little more help on D.  Right now all we have is Myers, Leo, Rivet, Montador, Butler, and Sekera. Somebody better fucking help us because that is weak as hell. The only one I even trust is Myers.

They also need to get rid of Connolly and possibly Stafford and pick up someone who will help us score. The round against the Bruins was absolutely pitiful, and Connolly can go somewhere else and not try. His interview during the locker-clean out also struck a cord with me. He just seemed like he didn’t care. He also reaaaaallly didn’t like the blame being put on him, but come on, it’s perfectly warranted. He is the one player I do not want to see in a Buffalo jersey next year.

I also hope they bring up Ennis and Gerbe. I have really high hopes for those two. I feel like what we saw towards the end of the year is only the tip of the iceberg with them. And that excites me more than watching Thomas Vanek singlehandedly destroy Ottawa. 🙂

I’d say we need a semi-decent back-up this year. We have 22 back to backs, and Ryan can’t possibly play them all. I actually wouldn’t mind bringing Patty back for a year  (I might be the ONLY one to say that too.)  He’s great in the locker room and Ryan absolutely loves him.  A couple things scare me though; one is how much Ruff doesn’t trust him and how stupid he is when it comes to handling backups.  The other is how the team in front of him seems to just completely fall apart when he is playing. He is good though. (Need I remind you of the 4-3 comeback against Pittsburgh this year.) We really only need a back up for one year though. Enroth should be good and ready to compete at the NHL level after that.

Hopefully we’ll get a couple more good guys signed through FA or trades. If not….  well I’m for one not looking forward to this season.

Streak ends at 3.

13 Mar

I don’t think Lalime is ever going to get his 200th win. It’s just not going to happen. Of  course he would have had a chance last night had he not gift wrapped the Wild’s 2nd goal for them. Nice to see Vanek scoring again. Good to see those 7 million dollars put to work this season finally. He now has a whopping 22 goals this season.  They did not look good for like half the game.  They need to realize that this is the final stretch here and every two points counts  (which they should anyways after the last 2 seasons but…  hey, who knows with them).

Detroit tonight with Miller in goal. Let’s hope it turns out like the game earlier this year (6-2 W).

I love Ryan Miller.

13 Feb

All you need to do is listen to Ryan’s post game comments after the Carolina game (2/11).  He said everything I could ever dream of and more.

Also, fuck you Montador.

San Jose tonight. Then the amazing 2 week Olympic break. Also known as Miller Time on here. 🙂

“Come on, the Sabres aren’t even that good. Look at their roster.”

19 Jan

I’m so sick of people putting this team down because there’s no definitive “superstar” on the team. Do you know why this team is in first right now? Do you know why they are so hard to play against? Stop, before all you say is Miller. They have balanced scoring, and roll 4 lines every night. It’s not like all the opposition has to worry about it the 1st line and that’s it. Look at the year Kaleta is having. 8 goals in 34 games isn’t too shabby for a 4th liner huh? Yes, Vanek is having a frustrating year, but hopefully he’s turning it around now.  Tim “Glass” Connolly is on a freaking 12 game point streak.  TIM CONNOLLY. Wow, the things he can do when he’s not injured. Hecht is having a great year, and I don’t hate him anymore. Grier is adding the leadership that this team was absolutely lacking. Watching him and Kennedy play together has been great. They have awesome chemistry.  Seven players on this team have over ten goals. The defense is much better now. Myers has completely turned Tallinder around. Does Miller still have to bail them out of games at times? Yes, but that’s what every goalie is going to have to do at times. They’ve missed the playoffs by a couple points the last two years, and were surely in them last year before Miller got hurt. They haven’t even lost in regulation since before Christmas (by the way since then their PK has been over 92% that is crazy).  Games like the one tonight will show you that they have the offense to be a strong contender.

Myers and Miller <3

9 Jan

I love those two boys. Myers had an amazing game wigth 2 goals, one assists, and played awesome in his own end. He had got to be on top for the Calder by now, with 26 points. I wish he would’ve had the hattie, but boy did he try! Miller played great, had 48 saves, and gave a sweet punch to Stajan for hitting him in the back of the head.  He also had some choice words for the Leafs after the game. Six straight wins for the Sabres. Hopefully they can make it seven tonight against the Avalanche. Lalime will most likely be in goal.  I also would like to comment on how well Myers did while I wore my Myers shirt.. 🙂 Maybe he’ll do even better when I get his jersey!

“If you’re gonna cross-check me in the back of the head, take the punch like a man.”

“If you wanna play hockey, I mean that’s another thing. Hockey’s about being around the net, being around the crease, making it tough on me.  Just don’t announce it, make a big show of it.”

I really don’t like them. They’re a rival and they’re in our division,” he said. “They constantly talk about how they’re going to rough me up every night. I love nothing more than to get a win against them and send them an hour-and-a-half on their way.”

Move over Miller!

30 Dec

Just kidding. But seriously, Lalime has impressed the hell out of me lately. And isn’t it AMAZING what can happen when the team in front of him actually remembers they’re in a hockey game? THEY WIN!!!

I’m officially revoking the name “Lamers”.  That’s right, you play well, you get love from me.

I’m also officially off the Biron to Buffalo bandwagon. He has NOT done well this season. 2 wins in 17 games. Yikes. Go ahead and keep that in the Island, thanks.

And what the HELL was up with Miller tonight? (He killed me in one of my fantasy leagues, 8 GAA).   I almost want Patty to start against the Thrashers.

Way for Stafford to respond to the benching and healthy scratch. He was on fire tonight. Hopefully that gets him out of his slump.  I also didn’t miss Roy. It was quite the comeback. To come out of a 3-0 hole, it shows how good this team is.