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Even series.

21 Apr

I knew we would win game 4.  What I didn’t expect was another shutout.  It was a hell of a game.

It was my first time going to the party in the plaza.  All week long it said it was going to be 65 degrees.  Naturally, I was looking forward to this.  All day long it was super windy outside so I had been alright with that.  But then add that to the (barely?) 40 degree weather that was also occurring and I know why I can still feel the freezing air throughout my body four hours later. Holy HELL was it cold!  About midway through the first period I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.  I thought I wore enough layers.  I thought wrong.  Brr!  It was still a great game, watching with great people.

I had a feeling the Sabres were going to come out strong, and they did. I was very happy with the way they handled the physicality of the game tonight. They weren’t taking shit from ANYONE.  I’ve watched Myers drop Briere over 5 times now.  Myers certainly had his mean streak going tonight, and I couldn’t have been happier to see that.   Carcillo wants to bump Miller?  Miller isn’t gonna take that either, and he retaliated. Feisty Miller is my favorite Miller. 

I don’t think Richard’s elbow warrants a suspension, but it definitely should have been a major. Watch the replay. He sees Kaleta, and instead of just bracing for the hit, he intentionally elbows him in the head. The really sad thing is the big hockey media right now are saying that they would have done the same thing. I don’t understand it.   Kris Versteeg said,

“I think (Richards) was just protecting himself because you never know what Patrick Kaleta is capable of.  He is a dangerous player out there when it comes down to it. You never know if he’s going to run you from behind or if he’s going to hit you without the puck.”

Um, Kris. Have you seen who you play for? Your entire team is filled with dirty players.  I’m not saying Kaleta is a saint, but all he was doing was going for the check. Maybe Richards should have just taken it like a man instead of throwing an elbow. And the Flyers are going to complain about the penalties called on them? Hi, watch Game 2 and think again about opening your mouth. When you have morons like Hartnell and Carcillo on your team, you’re going to get some penalties called on you.

SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THAT EFFING POWER PLAY. I hate nothing more than watching wasted lengthy opportunities go to waste because of our garbage plays.

Pominville scored the only goal of the game. I take credit for this one because before the game I asked if Pominville was still playing this series.  :p 

About midway through the 2nd period I thought to myself  “Is this seriously going to be another 1-0 game? Apparently it’s the only way we can win games.” Of course there was no way in hell I was saying that out loud, jinxes and all.   At the end of the game Shelby said pretty much exactly that. I looked at her and said I was thinking that earlier but couldn’t say it til the end of the game. Great minds think alike, duh.

RYAN MOTHER FUCKING MILLER.   Holy crap.  Where did this beast come from?  He was unreal, just..  wow.  I think the Flyers talking shit to him works wonders for him. Keep at it boys.  It’s only going to help us in the end. That save he made when Briere was in all alone on him, I forgot to breathe for about a minute. He absolutely deserved everyone, inside and outside, chanting his name. Even Lindy said he was chanting with the crowd. 

The scrum at the end was ridiculous. I need to watch it again tomorrow on the replay because I was too busy celebrating the shutout to pay attention, but the bad blood between these teams is starting to boil over. Spearing Gerbe, really? He will crush your soul. Myers will continue to crush Briere, and anyone else who gets in his way. Better stay away from Miller’s crease, because he doesn’t give a shit either. We aren’t scared.

I’m glad I braved the harsh conditions for this game. The party in the plaza is awesome. Hopefully there will be a round 2, so it’ll be a bit warmer for the next time I can go!

I’ll leave you with little bit of awesomeness.


I’m glad they’ve gotten their S#*^ together.

5 Dec

Haven’t been on here since the Washington loss. So I have a few things to cover.  I’m very very happy with the way the Sabres have responded after their 4th straight loss..  4 wins in a row. We’ll do a quick recap for the last 4 games.

Philly 4-2.  After their last minute frezny in the1st period, I’ll admit it. I thought, “here we go again.”  It was a very fun and eventful game to watch. It was like they finally woke up and played physical for a change. I love those kinds of Philly games.  This is also the game where Kaleta got suspsended for 2 games following his borderline hit on Ross. I wasn’t a huge fan of the suspension because Ross saw him then turned a second before Kaleta made contact.  There was also that Ovechkin lack of suspension because he’s a star player from the previous game I wasn’t thrilled about.

Carolina 5-1.  Easily could have been a shut out for Miller had Myers not turned the puck over, resulting on a break away for Matt Cullen. After the Tropical Storms were still leading 1-0 after the 2nd period. I was like oh my god, if they lose to the worst team in hockey I’m going to break something. Then they scored 5 unanswered goals in the 3rd. Thanks for waking up again. The Sabres were without Goose and Rivet, who had both been hurt in the Flyers game, and Kaleta serving his 1st game for the suspension.

Toronto 3-0. Miller got his 3rd shutout this season. Kennedy, Tallinder, and Hecht scored. It was Tallinder’s first goal in 76 games. (Yeah, I had no idea it had been that long either.)  Miller certainly gave the Team USA coach quite the show, and Wilson even said “I hope he plays like this in February.”

Before the game it was announced that Lalime was sent down to Portland for a 2 game conditioning assignment. The Sabres, like every other team in the NHL have a treacherous schedule this month, usually playing every other night. They know they can’t play Miller every game, so this is to get Patty ready.  Enroth was brought up to back up Miller.

Montreal 6-2. This was a fun one to watch if you were a Sabres fan. Not so much if you liked Montreal. The Sabres stormed out to a 4-0 lead before Montreal finally put one up on the board on a 2-on-1.For most of the game Montreal looked like they completely forgot what they were doing, and often looked lost. Halak was giving up some juicy rebounds, and the Sabres capitalized on them. Kennedy had another goal, which is nice to see because he works so hard out there. Vanek had 3 assists. It was Rivet and Kaleta’s first game back. Paul Mara obviously can’t give up his grudge against Patty and those two went at it in the 3rd period. Butler left the game with an ankle sprain. No word on how long he’ll be out.  The shots after 2 periods went in the Sabres favor 29-8. Yes, EIGHT. Perhaps their minds were on the Centennial celebration happening the following night. Either way, it was embarrassing. I almost felt bad for them.  Almost. I still don’t like it when Gomez gets anywhere near Miller.

Rangers tonight at 7. Can’t wait. Hopefully they get the streak to 5.

Also before I forget.  Ovechkin.  KAAARRRRMMMAAAAA. Hahahaahaha.

Can they make it three in a row?

14 Nov

The Sabres got a rare visit from Edmonton and Calgary this week, which is nice, because it’s usually the other way around. They pulled out 2 nice wins.

Stafford scored in Edmonton game. He must enjoy playing them and playing in front of his uncle. He had a hat trick against them last year.


I’m not afraid to admit that I was scared for the game last night. I had a feeling they were gonna come out all sorts of sloppy for some reason and the Flames would take full advantage of that.   But luckily they proved me wrong. Miller played amazing.  Mair got into a nice fight his first game back after being put on waivers.  Roy scored on the PP to tie the game up. Thank god I was at a bar and didn’t have to hear Cellino and Barnes to their stupid “Great goal Derek!” Yeah, I know its for charity, but save it for the commercials,  stop popping up during games!!!! You are officially worse than Herschel Gelber.

Flyers tonight in Philly. I know it went to a shoot out last night.. but can you play Miller anyways? Lalame doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’ll probably be rusty for the game. He’s allowed to play Wednesday against the Panthers. 🙂


I need to stop sleeping through games.

7 Nov

Well, the good news is Buffalo scored 2 power play goals!!  Yay for adressing that issue!

The bad news is they still lost to the Flyers 5-2.  And to Emery, who I still hate almost as much as Brett Hull. but not quite.

And my Tyler scored again!!

But other than that, I don’t have the slightest idea what happened because I slept through it. (By the way I was told today that my sleep schedule is even more effed up than usual. That’s just scary to think about.)

Bruins up next, Enroth starting?  I kind of hope so. I want to see what this kid is like.

Millerrrr stops him cold!

5 Nov

And by him I mean the entire Islanders team! He had a great game tonight. Ah sweet sweet revenge. We got shut out on Saturday by them, here, we’ll return the favor. I got kind of scared with Biron in goal. They can just never seem to beat him.  And what the hell was up with Marty tonight?  Holy fiesty goalie! Not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I totally did. It reminded me of the Senators brawl in 07, which was amazing.

Derek Roy FINALLY scored, and on the power play!!!!!! YAY! Now when the camera goes to you and you look like the cocky bitch you are, you at least have a reason. (*Note* I really don’t like Roy.)

At certain times throughout this game, particularly the start of the 2nd period, it was like both teams forgot how to play hockey and were just skating around slapping the puck from one end to the other. I even texted my friend who was at the game asking what the hell was going on and she also said “I don’t know!”.

Vanek also scored on the power play.  What?  The Sabres doing something productive on the PP? Get outta here! Goose also scored late in the 3rd, and it took about a year to review it, even though the puck was clearly in the net before the ref blew the whistle.

Enroth was called up yesterday, as LOLime  hurt his groin in practice, and no one seems to really care because no one likes him anyways.    🙂

Ruff said Enroth is likely to make his season debut this weekend if Lalame isn’t ready to go. Which would be sweet. He’s not having the best year in Portland so far, but he played really really well in Sweden and I’ve been anxious to see him in action.

They’ve got a big weekend coming up with Philly on Friday and Boston on Saturday. I’d like to see Enroth go on Saturday because Boston is having some problems so far this year, and it’s been fun to see.