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Even series.

21 Apr

I knew we would win game 4.  What I didn’t expect was another shutout.  It was a hell of a game.

It was my first time going to the party in the plaza.  All week long it said it was going to be 65 degrees.  Naturally, I was looking forward to this.  All day long it was super windy outside so I had been alright with that.  But then add that to the (barely?) 40 degree weather that was also occurring and I know why I can still feel the freezing air throughout my body four hours later. Holy HELL was it cold!  About midway through the first period I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.  I thought I wore enough layers.  I thought wrong.  Brr!  It was still a great game, watching with great people.

I had a feeling the Sabres were going to come out strong, and they did. I was very happy with the way they handled the physicality of the game tonight. They weren’t taking shit from ANYONE.  I’ve watched Myers drop Briere over 5 times now.  Myers certainly had his mean streak going tonight, and I couldn’t have been happier to see that.   Carcillo wants to bump Miller?  Miller isn’t gonna take that either, and he retaliated. Feisty Miller is my favorite Miller. 

I don’t think Richard’s elbow warrants a suspension, but it definitely should have been a major. Watch the replay. He sees Kaleta, and instead of just bracing for the hit, he intentionally elbows him in the head. The really sad thing is the big hockey media right now are saying that they would have done the same thing. I don’t understand it.   Kris Versteeg said,

“I think (Richards) was just protecting himself because you never know what Patrick Kaleta is capable of.  He is a dangerous player out there when it comes down to it. You never know if he’s going to run you from behind or if he’s going to hit you without the puck.”

Um, Kris. Have you seen who you play for? Your entire team is filled with dirty players.  I’m not saying Kaleta is a saint, but all he was doing was going for the check. Maybe Richards should have just taken it like a man instead of throwing an elbow. And the Flyers are going to complain about the penalties called on them? Hi, watch Game 2 and think again about opening your mouth. When you have morons like Hartnell and Carcillo on your team, you’re going to get some penalties called on you.

SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THAT EFFING POWER PLAY. I hate nothing more than watching wasted lengthy opportunities go to waste because of our garbage plays.

Pominville scored the only goal of the game. I take credit for this one because before the game I asked if Pominville was still playing this series.  :p 

About midway through the 2nd period I thought to myself  “Is this seriously going to be another 1-0 game? Apparently it’s the only way we can win games.” Of course there was no way in hell I was saying that out loud, jinxes and all.   At the end of the game Shelby said pretty much exactly that. I looked at her and said I was thinking that earlier but couldn’t say it til the end of the game. Great minds think alike, duh.

RYAN MOTHER FUCKING MILLER.   Holy crap.  Where did this beast come from?  He was unreal, just..  wow.  I think the Flyers talking shit to him works wonders for him. Keep at it boys.  It’s only going to help us in the end. That save he made when Briere was in all alone on him, I forgot to breathe for about a minute. He absolutely deserved everyone, inside and outside, chanting his name. Even Lindy said he was chanting with the crowd. 

The scrum at the end was ridiculous. I need to watch it again tomorrow on the replay because I was too busy celebrating the shutout to pay attention, but the bad blood between these teams is starting to boil over. Spearing Gerbe, really? He will crush your soul. Myers will continue to crush Briere, and anyone else who gets in his way. Better stay away from Miller’s crease, because he doesn’t give a shit either. We aren’t scared.

I’m glad I braved the harsh conditions for this game. The party in the plaza is awesome. Hopefully there will be a round 2, so it’ll be a bit warmer for the next time I can go!

I’ll leave you with little bit of awesomeness.


Checked at the blue line…

8 Nov

Where to start?  That was horrendus.  0-7 on the power play. So much for addressing that issue. You might want to try shooting on the pp, I hear goals are sometimes scored that way. There’s two things that happened during the pp last night. It was either Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, errant pass, and the puck slides out into the neutral zone or pass, pass, pass, pass, puck intercepted by a Bruin for either a breakaway or odd man rush. Either way, extremely frustrating to watch.

Whenever they did have the puck they couldn’t get it past the blue line. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “and he’s checked at the blue line” last night. So then they started playing their stupid dump and chase game, which I hate.  Could they get at least ONE bounce to go their way?

Enroth did very well for his debut. He had no chance on at least 3 of the 4 goals that were scored. That’s right folks, even if Miller was playing it would’ve most likely been the same outcome. Don’t even think about blaming him. Hell, it could’ve easily been 10-2 if it weren’t for him.

What the hell is with the Boston announcer yelling WHOOOOOOOOO! after anouncing goals and stuff? And people say RJ’s annoying..

Roy and Pommers scored for the sabres. Derek “I’m a little bitch” Roy now has goals in three straight games.


Paille!! How I’ve missed you! (just kidding) Way to not score on the breakaway. You can have him, Boston.

I want to see Jhonas play more. I want to see how good he looks when the team plays awesome in front of him.

Myers checked Chara. Clearly the highlight of my night.

I love Elllis. He works hard every shift and always plays like he loves the game.

I love seeing Timmy get misconducts. He’s such a scrappy player.

Is Vanek still playing?

I hate Sekera. With a passion, at that. Zero points and a minus 6 for the year so far.  I’d almost rather see Paetsch play instead.



To sum it up… Enroth played well. The team in front of him however, yet again forgot how to play defense, score, play defense, not make stupid passes resulting in odd man rushes every two minutes, fight, play defense, shoot during power plays, kill penalties… am I missing anything here?

And they’re back!

22 Oct

One minute and fifty-six seconds. That’s all it took for Florida to yank their starting goaltender and for me to breathe a sigh of relief.  The memories of the awful Atlanta game are well behind me now, and for the Sabres too it seems. They started out red-hot and never stopped. 5 goals in the first period. Good to see them coming out and playing hard. Miller once again played amazing. He now has a GAA of 1.66.  Maybe the Sabres can start getting some respect?  I’m sick of hearing how the other team is missing someone or is just having an off night.

Myers scored again for his 2nd goal this season. He is awesome.  2 goals, 3 assists, and a plus 7! Definitely one of Buffalo’s best players night in and night out.  Sekera should be back by the start of November, which coincidently will be right around the deadline game for Tyler. (The 30th against the Toronto Maple LAFFS will be his 10th.)  There is nothing Regier can do but send Paetsch packing. Fans will be calling for his head if he decides to send Myers back to juniors.

Even Pominville scored. Welcome back. Please stay this year. 🙂

Grier, Ellis, and Vanek finished the scoring.  I’ve also been highly impressed with Kaleta this year. 2 goals, 2 assists in 7 games. Keep it up.

When they play like this I don’t see them losing very often. Playoffs here we come.   Yeah, I just did declare that in October. Can you blame me?

Sigh… Atlanta games.

20 Oct

Oh Sabres… Can we not play this fun little “We’re going to suck every time we play Atlanta” game this year? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed getting thoroughly pissed off watching them last year, so I should know what to expect. But you can’t play awesome the first few games and give me such high hopes and then crash and burn against the Thrashers like that. I will stop watching those games, I swear to god.

Anyways.. onto Lalime. Ugh I don’t even wanna go here. I already had lost hope in that game when I heard he was starting.  Then bam! 2-0 Thrashers. I unfortunately (fortunately?) had to work so I missed the 1st period, so I didn’t get a chance to see how truly awful they were. But I heard enough about it. Patty seriously needs to step up this year though, because Ryan isn’t going to be able to do 70+ games and then the Olympics too.  Although I wish he was a machine and started every game because then I’d never be worried.

Kennedy and Myers give me hope. If Darcy decides to send either of them down I don’t even know what I will do. Get rid of Paetsch. Maybe Paille too. He only tries for about 2 out of every 20 games as it is.

Pomers, thanks for finally scoring. Let’s do that a bit more often now, k?

Goose, keep on doing what you’re doing, standing up for Miller when he gets run over. I like seeing that, everyone else should follow suit.

I’m loving Kaleta and Clarkie. They have been outstanding so far this year.

And you knew Afinogenov was gonna score. I just wish he played like that the last 2 years. I miss him. One of my favorite players who played for Buff. Hope he has a turn-around year with Atl.

Finally, my dear sabres, can you go back to playing like you did the first 5 games? Western NY would appreciate that, thanks.

(ps. if you pull this crap against Ottawa this year, we’re totally fighting.)