Sad Times.

22 Jan

I haven’t written anything in a while. I wanted to, but this whole losing fiasco has made me semi crazy and madly depressed. But then a certain event happened, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

So, I wanted to write this last night, but I was also feeling like I was going to cry, so it had to wait until today. I watched the game at Pearl Street Brewery last night with some friends, so I couldn’t always hear everything that was going on during the game. The one thing heard loud and clear was the absolute sadness in Tyler Myers’ post-game interview last night. I barely heard anything he said, but his face said it all. He looked like he either: A) had just gotten done bawling his eyes out, or B) was holding back tears, ready to bawl his eyes out. I wanted to give him the biggest hug and tell him that everything would be alright.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way about a player like I did last night. It really brings you back down to Earth and makes you realize that hey, these “super awesome athletes” are people too. Now, Tyler didn’t have the strongest game either, and I’m sure he was partly blaming himself. But he just looked completely miserable, like someone ran over his puppies right in front of him. I’m sure he’s not the only one who feels like him, but he’s still a young kid, so of course he’s going to display his emotions a little bit more.


This team is completely void of confidence, and it’s showing.  I honestly hope that this slump doesn’t hurt the young players. People have been saying for weeks how Luke Adam should get sent down to Rochester for a few games so he can regain his. The thing is, it’s not just him. Sure he hasn’t been as great, but look who he’s been playing with. He finally got reunited with Vanek and Pominville last night. I’m really hoping that line stays together for a few games. It was great earlier in the season. It was said Lindy took him off because his defensive game wasn’t as good as he wants it to be. But what this team needs is OFFENSE, and badly. See if they can get clicking again and make something happen out there. We all know that Derek Roy needs to stay far, far away from Vanek. We all love Jochen Hecht, but his stone hands just can’t seem to keep up with the 1st line. Who else does that leave? Gaustad? No. McCor -no. Leino didn’t work with them either.  When Adam gets going he can be a slippery little sucker. Reminds me of Vanek, actually. (I went off on a little tangent here but anyways)

I honestly don’t even want to get into anything else because it is utterly depressing.


Hockey is supposed to be fun. Buffalo is supposed to be Hockey Heaven. Here’s to hoping that they win in New Jersey, and then take a little time off during the All Star break, and just get their heads on straight.

We still love you, Sabres. We just want you to play up to your potential. We know you can be a good squad. Now go shut everyone up and show them.


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