Breathing easier.

19 Nov

The past 2 weeks have been a drastic change from the beginning of the season.  The team started winning, FINALLY. And with a back-up back-up goalie in goal.  I know Enroth has his haters, but he’s had a total of 5 NHL games.  Two of those came against strong Boston teams, while the Sabres played lack-luster games.  Give him a little time to work on his game.  He’s only 22.  He played extremely well his last three games here, making some spectacular saves.  He also held his own in the shootout.  He helped get 5 out of 6 points. Not bad for a rookie.  He will definitely be up withe the big club next year.

The Ennis-Roy-Vanek line has been nothing short of amazing. I still don’t know why it took Ruff this long to put them together. Sorry Stafford, but when you come back you are off the top line.  They have been creating so many scoring chances. It’s been exciting to watch for a change. Now all is fine and dandy with that line… now let’s talk about the other three.  Or the fact that there hasn’t been much to talk about.  I find myself completely forgetting that Connolly and Hecht are even on the ice most of the game. Pominville has been near there too.  Every shot he takes is either going wide or smack dab in the goalie’s chest. We hear so much about his shot, it would be great if he would actually score using it. I still say that Matt Ellis is the key to our success. When he’s down in Portland we play abysmal. When he gets called up, we win.

JORDAN LEOPOLD.  On pace for 20 goals and over 50 points. Tied for 2nd on the team with Vanek in points with 14. (Who saw THAT coming!?) I gain more and more confidence in him every game. Sometimes it seems as if him and Monty are off in lala land defensively, but thats another story for another time. Our entire defense has been great scoring-wise.  Both Leo and Myers have 5 goals, and Monty has 3. Now if only those other 3 forward lines could chip in we’d be in great shape!


All in all I’ve been a very happy Sabres fan lately. Even with the way they started out so sluggishly against Washington, I was beyond happy to see the fight the put up in the 2nd and 3rd periods. There was no quit in that team. That is something we had desperately missed.I feel a thousand times better than I did a month ago.



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