Enough is enough.

4 Nov

From the Buffalo News…  (bear with me bucky haters),

Regier still believes he has the right players on his roster. He showed no signs he was ready to fire Ruff.

“It’s essentially the same group we had last year,” Regier said. “It just isn’t that different.”

“It got us 100 points last year,” Regier said. “That’s not a bad problem to have in that regard. We’re going to work together to try and fix this.”

The problems with this statement: This is NOT “essentially the same group.”  Last year we were 2nd in the NHL on the PK. This year, at the bottom. There is no offense. The defense is beyond horrible. Every time they score on the PP I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of miracle.

Oh and that team that got us 100 points? What happened after that? Oh that’s right, we lost, because we couldn’t keep up with the big bad Bruins. And now we can’t keep up with ANY of the teams.  But yeah, everything is just fine the way it is.

If that’s what he truly believes, then we’re in for one long season.

And please trade Connolly for the sake of Buffalo’s sanity.


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