Alright, where’s that damn button?

2 Nov

Three wins in twelve games. Now I’m getting worried. Andrew ****ing RAYCROFT shut us out.  We made him look like an actual NHL goalie.  There is nothing right about that.  That was easily one of the most pathetic games I’ve watched recently.  Where is the heart? Passion? Fire?  I honestly can say that with every game I watch I get more and more lost as to what is going on.  Once again Lalime was hung out to dry.  I feel bad for the guy.  It absolutely sucks to not get any offensive support.

Next I’m going to quickly talk about Craig Rivet.  Did he need to be scratched? Absolutely. Does it look really bad because he is the captain? Absolutely.  There were about 20 times last season where I was wondering how the hell Lindy was keeping him in the line-up. I was optimistic at the start of this year, thinking “oh, he had surgery, maybe he’ll finally be at 100%.”  Instead it was like a continuation of last year.  I won’t lie, I was ecstatic when I heard he was finally scratched.  Two reasons for that.  One, he had been playing horribly. Two, I thought it would maybe light a fire under this teams’ ass.  Wrong.   I kind of hope they take the “C’ away from him and give it to Pominville.

Speaking of Pominville, he has finally been cleared to play, and will be in the line-up on Wednesday against the Bruins. It will be interesting to see who the Bruins start against us. Rask has been the favorite against Buffalo the last couple of years, but Thomas has been out of this world good so far.  Either way, it’s not a favorable match-up for us, considering the way we’ve been playing lately. It wouldn’t surprise me if Thomas got his 4th shutout.  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen though. Maybe Pomers coming back will provide a little spark to this dull, lifeless team.

I certainly hope so, because it’s getting hard to watch, and my hand is hovering over that panic button.


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