Soooo about that previous post…..

15 Oct

…just kidding. It’s too early in the season to freak out.  (Although I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few choice words flying out of my mouth the last 3 games.)

I am very happy with the way Roy is producing. Ennis as well.  As for everyone else… ehhh.  I’m really hoping they kick it into gear for Friday’s game, since they have the special 40th year anniversary ceremony before the game. Plus, I’m sick of losing at home.  The power play needs to be addressed asap. You’d think after the playoffs last year it would be the #1 thing they work on. Apparently not.  Vanek is not impressing me. Ruff said it best when he said Vanek isn’t one of the younger players now, and can’t let his frustration get the best of him. For some reason he seems to be lazier than usual.

With Morrisonn hurt, I’m really hoping they give Weber a shot.  (I hate Butler with a passion, and I don’t see that changing any time soon). Weber is a hard hitting defensive D-man, and he could really help.  He really needs a shot. Butler looked completely AWFUL in the last pre-season game I went to.  Then again, who knows. Ruff could take Sekera out and put both of them in.  Aside from that stupid play in OT, Sekera had actually been impressing me. I wouldn’t mind keeping him in.

Miller was awesome in the game last night. He HAD to be. It was the only reason the score wasn’t 50-0. How the hell do you only get one shot on goal in the first period? ONE?! Geez.

I’m really looking forward to the Chicago game on Saturday aka Slaughterday.  Is  it so bad that I want to see some old school hockey every once in a while? Seeing as how Kaleta doesn’t exactly like Kane maybe he’ll go after him?  Then again knowing them, they won’t do anything since Hjalmarsson got a (bullshit) 2 game suspension.  Miller also said if we go and do something to them, we’re no better than they are. Dammit Ryan, why must you be the voice of reason!?  Either way, I do think something is going to happen.


Happy 40th year anniversary, Buffalo Sabres. Thank you for all the great memories, and for all the ones that are sure to come.

Let’s Go Buffalo!!


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