What the heck is going on?

2 Aug

The Sabres waived Tim Kennedy today.  Yes, go back and read that again after you stop shaking your head.  Oh, you can’t stop shaking your head? Join the club.  I don’t think a single person saw this coming.  Four days after being awarded 1 million dollars in arbitration he was waived. I’m still confused. The Sabres were forced to accept the award since it was under 1.6 million dollars.  Mostly everyone was fine with this.  No he didn’t score a lot of points, but he’s a hard working guy, and was one of the best players during the playoffs.  It’s not helping matters that he’s a hometown boy.  If no one claims him he will probably be bought out.

Then we got news of the Shaone Morrisonn signing.  No details on the money yet, but I like the signing.  He’s a good stay at home defenseman.  I’m hoping he’ll be paired with Myers, so that he can stay back and let Tyler do his thing.

Still, this can’t be all.  Something else HAS to be going on.  This is just too weird by itself.  Not to mention confusing.


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