It’s been a while.

2 Jul

Ok, so to start things off I must congratulate Tyler Myers for winning the Calder, and Ryan Miller for winning the Vezina.  Outstanding seasons from both of you!! They totally earned it. Hopefully we’ll see a few more Vezina’s from Ryan and a few Norris’s for Tyler in the near future!

Also congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup. And Pat Kane for making the most awkward OT goal since…..well, you know. At least the Cup can make a short stop in Buffalo.

Free Agency. I’m not quite sure what Darcy is up to here.

Farewell my sweet, sweet Swede. (Although you DEF got overpaid) I will miss you Henrik.

Lydman, not so much. You overturned the puck waaaay too much, and it seemed like you could only keep it in the zone half the time without  the puck going over the blueline.

Coming in is Jordan Leopold. The only things that springs to mind is him getting absolutely WRECKED during a playoff game this year.

Cody McCormick also re-signed a one way deal for one year. I like it. The last two games with him playing were completely different. I love the way he plays.  One has to assume that Adam Mair will not be back in Buffalo now.

And that’s it as of right now.  I’m hoping they sign Carlo Colaiacovo just to get a little more help on D.  Right now all we have is Myers, Leo, Rivet, Montador, Butler, and Sekera. Somebody better fucking help us because that is weak as hell. The only one I even trust is Myers.

They also need to get rid of Connolly and possibly Stafford and pick up someone who will help us score. The round against the Bruins was absolutely pitiful, and Connolly can go somewhere else and not try. His interview during the locker-clean out also struck a cord with me. He just seemed like he didn’t care. He also reaaaaallly didn’t like the blame being put on him, but come on, it’s perfectly warranted. He is the one player I do not want to see in a Buffalo jersey next year.

I also hope they bring up Ennis and Gerbe. I have really high hopes for those two. I feel like what we saw towards the end of the year is only the tip of the iceberg with them. And that excites me more than watching Thomas Vanek singlehandedly destroy Ottawa. 🙂

I’d say we need a semi-decent back-up this year. We have 22 back to backs, and Ryan can’t possibly play them all. I actually wouldn’t mind bringing Patty back for a year  (I might be the ONLY one to say that too.)  He’s great in the locker room and Ryan absolutely loves him.  A couple things scare me though; one is how much Ruff doesn’t trust him and how stupid he is when it comes to handling backups.  The other is how the team in front of him seems to just completely fall apart when he is playing. He is good though. (Need I remind you of the 4-3 comeback against Pittsburgh this year.) We really only need a back up for one year though. Enroth should be good and ready to compete at the NHL level after that.

Hopefully we’ll get a couple more good guys signed through FA or trades. If not….  well I’m for one not looking forward to this season.


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