Lalime gets win #200!

29 Mar

I was on vacation for most of the week in Texas, so I only got to see mostly highlights when I got home from the games. God forbid ESPN show hockey besides AO and Crosby.  I did watch most of the Tampa Bay game however. Two reasons I love Lightning games; 1. They are usually really good games for the Sabres, and 2. Mike Lundin.  Hearing RJ say my last night is awesome and if I was a boy that would’ve been my name. Lalime played his little heart out and had a great game. The Sabres came out flying and ended up winning 7-1. The one goal Patty let in was an awesome goal by Downie. Who would’ve thought he could do more than just give out cheapshots?

Tyler Ennis is up and had some great passes and 2 assists. He’s going to be a great player very soon. Hopefully he’s brought up for playoffs.   It was so good and refreshing to hear  “and the Buffalo Sabres have clinched a play-off spot for the first time in three years.”  It was also good to see Lalime celebrating and all the players congratulate him. They really do love him here.  Congrats Patty!


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