4 Feb

I don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t even write anything last night because I was fuming. If we face them in the playoffs we’re done. We can hope and pray all we want for a repeat of 05-06, but at the rate we’re going..  ugh I don’t even want to imagine playing them.

The first 59 minutes they played well and got every chance in the world and couldn’t put it away. Elliott was giving up rebound after rebound and nothing, they couldn’t get ONE bounce. Of course after we scored twice in 27 seconds to tie it up I got all excited only to have my heart shattered by Daniel Alfredsson. AGAIN.  I don’t understand how you lose one of the best players in the game and leave him all by himself at the side of the net. I just don’t get it. WITH LESS THAN A MINUTE TO GO.  I can talk for hours about how bad our defense is with the exception of Myers and Tallinder, but I’m not going to. I’m almost scared to watch the Carolina and Blue Jackets games the next two days. I just don’t have a good feeling…

And that camera situation where they couldn’t view the HD camera after the Sabres appeared to score the first goal…  from the Buffalo News-

There was no overhead camera shot and Sabres officials said that’s because the HD camera above the goal line has been inoperative for several months. The team said the camera is NHL property and has not been repaired as the Sabres have requested.

Are you kidding me? That review was too close to call for me, and not having the good view really doesn’t help. But that is bullshit that it’s been broken for months and hasn’t been fixed.

I just feel like we’re never gonna beat Ottawa ever again.


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