“Come on, the Sabres aren’t even that good. Look at their roster.”

19 Jan

I’m so sick of people putting this team down because there’s no definitive “superstar” on the team. Do you know why this team is in first right now? Do you know why they are so hard to play against? Stop, before all you say is Miller. They have balanced scoring, and roll 4 lines every night. It’s not like all the opposition has to worry about it the 1st line and that’s it. Look at the year Kaleta is having. 8 goals in 34 games isn’t too shabby for a 4th liner huh? Yes, Vanek is having a frustrating year, but hopefully he’s turning it around now.  Tim “Glass” Connolly is on a freaking 12 game point streak.  TIM CONNOLLY. Wow, the things he can do when he’s not injured. Hecht is having a great year, and I don’t hate him anymore. Grier is adding the leadership that this team was absolutely lacking. Watching him and Kennedy play together has been great. They have awesome chemistry.  Seven players on this team have over ten goals. The defense is much better now. Myers has completely turned Tallinder around. Does Miller still have to bail them out of games at times? Yes, but that’s what every goalie is going to have to do at times. They’ve missed the playoffs by a couple points the last two years, and were surely in them last year before Miller got hurt. They haven’t even lost in regulation since before Christmas (by the way since then their PK has been over 92% that is crazy).  Games like the one tonight will show you that they have the offense to be a strong contender.


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