Myers and Miller <3

9 Jan

I love those two boys. Myers had an amazing game wigth 2 goals, one assists, and played awesome in his own end. He had got to be on top for the Calder by now, with 26 points. I wish he would’ve had the hattie, but boy did he try! Miller played great, had 48 saves, and gave a sweet punch to Stajan for hitting him in the back of the head.  He also had some choice words for the Leafs after the game. Six straight wins for the Sabres. Hopefully they can make it seven tonight against the Avalanche. Lalime will most likely be in goal.  I also would like to comment on how well Myers did while I wore my Myers shirt.. 🙂 Maybe he’ll do even better when I get his jersey!

“If you’re gonna cross-check me in the back of the head, take the punch like a man.”

“If you wanna play hockey, I mean that’s another thing. Hockey’s about being around the net, being around the crease, making it tough on me.  Just don’t announce it, make a big show of it.”

I really don’t like them. They’re a rival and they’re in our division,” he said. “They constantly talk about how they’re going to rough me up every night. I love nothing more than to get a win against them and send them an hour-and-a-half on their way.”


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