Move over Miller!

30 Dec

Just kidding. But seriously, Lalime has impressed the hell out of me lately. And isn’t it AMAZING what can happen when the team in front of him actually remembers they’re in a hockey game? THEY WIN!!!

I’m officially revoking the name “Lamers”.  That’s right, you play well, you get love from me.

I’m also officially off the Biron to Buffalo bandwagon. He has NOT done well this season. 2 wins in 17 games. Yikes. Go ahead and keep that in the Island, thanks.

And what the HELL was up with Miller tonight? (He killed me in one of my fantasy leagues, 8 GAA).   I almost want Patty to start against the Thrashers.

Way for Stafford to respond to the benching and healthy scratch. He was on fire tonight. Hopefully that gets him out of his slump.  I also didn’t miss Roy. It was quite the comeback. To come out of a 3-0 hole, it shows how good this team is.


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