Dear Sabres,

16 Dec

I have a few requests.

Tomorrow you play Lose-a-lottawa. You have been playing pretty well as of late. Please don’t completely fall apart and crap your pants like usual when you see them on the ice.

Also, for the love of god, get your damn power play working. the whole passing back and forth to each other is great, (and I know we all did the pass 5 times to each other before you can shoot in practice while we were growing up) but don’t forget about that whole “shoot!” part. It’s kinda how you score goals. And sometimes you need to do that to win games. Just throwing that out there.

Don’t make Miller stand on his head and do all the work. He’s already being killed as it is. Clear the puck out of the front of the net, don’t give Ottawa an inch, because we all know they will take a mile.

Play better defense Montador, you’ve been pissing me off lately. Also if you could not let anyone chill in the slot wide open, that’d be great.

Play hard, hit them as much as possible, get them off their game. Play yours. I swear you can beat this team if you don’t let them get in your heads.

Love, Lefty.


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