I’m thankful for the Sabres in the beginning of the season.. not the last 4 games..

25 Nov

**This one again will be notes during the game because it is the night before thanksgiving and I’m not going to have the time or memory after the game.**


I now know where Timmy Kennedy gets his awful interview skills from… his father. Like father, like son.

God I love Miller’s little spin he does before he gets off the ice. I don’t know why, but its awesome. Maybe I’m a sucker for superstitious  things.


2nd period..  much better than the first. There’s not a whole lot you can do on Ovechkin’s goal besides flattening him. He’s just so good.

It is RIDICULOUS how many chances the Sabres have had..

Seriously, if Miller wasn’t in the game this would be a blowout…

Ovechkin..  EJECTED!! for a boarding penalty on Kaleta.  The fans are cheering “refs, you suck!”  Perhaps they are blind as a bat and didn’t see the hit or the replay?? Come on….


Things they need to work on:

*not taking a penalty in the middle of a major (or any power play for that matter)



Okay. This is getting hard to watch.   Commence drinking.

2-0.  Now drinking Jack.


I officially want this to turn into a slugfest. And I’m not talking about the front of Buffalo’s jerseys.

I wonder if the Sabres remember how to score… 4 mins left in the 3rd.

Why is the Carruba Collision of the game Kaleta colliding with the boards?? Shouldn’t it be with another player? Just sayin..

God Varly.. GIVE ONE UP.


Thank god I’m getting drunk tonight.  4 in a row Sabres…  not good. Better be getting it out of the way now instead of in March.

Oh Philly next? FFFFFFFFFML :/


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