18 Nov


Tonight I’m going to just be writing down notes during the game. And you’ll deal with it.  🙂

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of effort tonight.

Trying way to hard to force passes that aren’t there.

Miller… just freeze it please. Wtf was that.

Roy isn”t making me like him any better.  OHH and he got ROCKED! Is it bad that I enjoyed seeing that?

The puck is taking funny bounces for the Sabres..  they can’t catch a break so far.

They’ve had sooooo many chances, 2 posts for far, pucks bouncing over sticks…. UGHHHH. Frustrating!!!!

They need to play more physical.

Dominic Moore is wearing a full on cage. What is this, college?

I love Mike Robitaille and his “breaking down the play” bit. He gets so into it.

And the puck has pretty much stayed in the Sabres zone for half the 3rd period.

Ahh  now it’s time for the Sabres patented “Oh shit, we’re losing and it’s halfway through the 3rd period” desperation time.

SERIOUSLY?!  Three unanswered goals.

They need Grier back.

Power play.  TAKE ADVANTAGE!


If this were any other team I would have shut it off by now, BUT, these are the cardiac kids we’re talking about. And there’s 5 mins left. Who knows what could happen.

STUPID penalty Kaleta…  and they score.

And again on an empty netter.

It’s now 5-2.   Earlier at work I predicted this.  Perhaps I should have said 5-2 Sabres……

now three seconds later.. 6-2

Wanna try to make it 10-2 in the last minute?  I’m sure it’s possible right now, or would have been is Lamers was in net.

Ugh.  that was torture.






One Response to “Sloppy.”

  1. Kristin November 18, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    I adore everything you write and concur wholeheartedly… That was brutal…and I like your notes… i think we should include our game text convo’s as well:) although they are much dirtier… i’m surprised it wasn’t 10-2 in the last 30 seconds… and that’s the last time i predict again… although i bet brian $5 on first goal and won:)

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