Can they make it three in a row?

14 Nov

The Sabres got a rare visit from Edmonton and Calgary this week, which is nice, because it’s usually the other way around. They pulled out 2 nice wins.

Stafford scored in Edmonton game. He must enjoy playing them and playing in front of his uncle. He had a hat trick against them last year.


I’m not afraid to admit that I was scared for the game last night. I had a feeling they were gonna come out all sorts of sloppy for some reason and the Flames would take full advantage of that.   But luckily they proved me wrong. Miller played amazing.  Mair got into a nice fight his first game back after being put on waivers.  Roy scored on the PP to tie the game up. Thank god I was at a bar and didn’t have to hear Cellino and Barnes to their stupid “Great goal Derek!” Yeah, I know its for charity, but save it for the commercials,  stop popping up during games!!!! You are officially worse than Herschel Gelber.

Flyers tonight in Philly. I know it went to a shoot out last night.. but can you play Miller anyways? Lalame doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’ll probably be rusty for the game. He’s allowed to play Wednesday against the Panthers. 🙂



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