Checked at the blue line…

8 Nov

Where to start?  That was horrendus.  0-7 on the power play. So much for addressing that issue. You might want to try shooting on the pp, I hear goals are sometimes scored that way. There’s two things that happened during the pp last night. It was either Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, errant pass, and the puck slides out into the neutral zone or pass, pass, pass, pass, puck intercepted by a Bruin for either a breakaway or odd man rush. Either way, extremely frustrating to watch.

Whenever they did have the puck they couldn’t get it past the blue line. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “and he’s checked at the blue line” last night. So then they started playing their stupid dump and chase game, which I hate.  Could they get at least ONE bounce to go their way?

Enroth did very well for his debut. He had no chance on at least 3 of the 4 goals that were scored. That’s right folks, even if Miller was playing it would’ve most likely been the same outcome. Don’t even think about blaming him. Hell, it could’ve easily been 10-2 if it weren’t for him.

What the hell is with the Boston announcer yelling WHOOOOOOOOO! after anouncing goals and stuff? And people say RJ’s annoying..

Roy and Pommers scored for the sabres. Derek “I’m a little bitch” Roy now has goals in three straight games.


Paille!! How I’ve missed you! (just kidding) Way to not score on the breakaway. You can have him, Boston.

I want to see Jhonas play more. I want to see how good he looks when the team plays awesome in front of him.

Myers checked Chara. Clearly the highlight of my night.

I love Elllis. He works hard every shift and always plays like he loves the game.

I love seeing Timmy get misconducts. He’s such a scrappy player.

Is Vanek still playing?

I hate Sekera. With a passion, at that. Zero points and a minus 6 for the year so far.  I’d almost rather see Paetsch play instead.



To sum it up… Enroth played well. The team in front of him however, yet again forgot how to play defense, score, play defense, not make stupid passes resulting in odd man rushes every two minutes, fight, play defense, shoot during power plays, kill penalties… am I missing anything here?


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