Millerrrr stops him cold!

5 Nov

And by him I mean the entire Islanders team! He had a great game tonight. Ah sweet sweet revenge. We got shut out on Saturday by them, here, we’ll return the favor. I got kind of scared with Biron in goal. They can just never seem to beat him.  And what the hell was up with Marty tonight?  Holy fiesty goalie! Not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I totally did. It reminded me of the Senators brawl in 07, which was amazing.

Derek Roy FINALLY scored, and on the power play!!!!!! YAY! Now when the camera goes to you and you look like the cocky bitch you are, you at least have a reason. (*Note* I really don’t like Roy.)

At certain times throughout this game, particularly the start of the 2nd period, it was like both teams forgot how to play hockey and were just skating around slapping the puck from one end to the other. I even texted my friend who was at the game asking what the hell was going on and she also said “I don’t know!”.

Vanek also scored on the power play.  What?  The Sabres doing something productive on the PP? Get outta here! Goose also scored late in the 3rd, and it took about a year to review it, even though the puck was clearly in the net before the ref blew the whistle.

Enroth was called up yesterday, as LOLime  hurt his groin in practice, and no one seems to really care because no one likes him anyways.    🙂

Ruff said Enroth is likely to make his season debut this weekend if Lalame isn’t ready to go. Which would be sweet. He’s not having the best year in Portland so far, but he played really really well in Sweden and I’ve been anxious to see him in action.

They’ve got a big weekend coming up with Philly on Friday and Boston on Saturday. I’d like to see Enroth go on Saturday because Boston is having some problems so far this year, and it’s been fun to see.


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