xfd leafs

31 Oct

I’m not gonna lie, I slept through the entire game. I suck at life sometimes and with this sleep schedule that I have to have myself on for the next week or so I’m gonna miss some things. However, after I woke up around midnight I went and watched some of it that was recorded.  By some of it I mean I tried to watch the whole thing but either I was gonna shoot myself or the tv because that was freakin torture. How they pulled that win off is beyond me. (By beyond me I mean Ryan Miller of course.)

Nice to see Connolly get a couple goals. He’s usually the playmaker but he’s got a great shot too and I love seeing him shoot more often.

Miller again stood on his head and kept him in that game. He is now the only goalie in the NHL without a regulation loss. If he’s not the starting goalie for the USA in the Olympics someone ought to have their head examined. Then again the gm and coach for the  US happens to be the same as the Leafs, so who knows what the hell could happen there. Maybe Burkie will put a goon squad together and try to win a lot of games. That went well for the Leafs so far this season, right?


Anyways, I know some of the Sabres are feeling a little under the weather (and so now half of them probably have the swine flu) but still, wow they did not deserve to win that game. Lucky sob’s.  Miller is the ONLY reason they stayed in that game. Now the question is who to start today against the Isles.  Since he was so overworked last night usually you’d think to go to your back up right? The only problem being our back up is LOLime. I don’t know if anyone remembers what happened in the Atlanta game but yeeeesh.  Seeing as how I’m guessing its gonna be like last night since players are sick, I’m scared to see Patty in the net. He can’t quite pull off what Miller does. I’d rather have Miller play tonight, then give Lime-away the start on Wednesday. Then again that gives Miller almost a week off. DAMMIT WE NEED A GOOD BACK UP! Can they just trade Lime-away for Biron tonight?


I’ll have to record tonights game too because I’ll be out partying for Halloween.  And probably drinking my sorrows away if Lime-away starts.


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