And they’re back!

22 Oct

One minute and fifty-six seconds. That’s all it took for Florida to yank their starting goaltender and for me to breathe a sigh of relief.  The memories of the awful Atlanta game are well behind me now, and for the Sabres too it seems. They started out red-hot and never stopped. 5 goals in the first period. Good to see them coming out and playing hard. Miller once again played amazing. He now has a GAA of 1.66.  Maybe the Sabres can start getting some respect?  I’m sick of hearing how the other team is missing someone or is just having an off night.

Myers scored again for his 2nd goal this season. He is awesome.  2 goals, 3 assists, and a plus 7! Definitely one of Buffalo’s best players night in and night out.  Sekera should be back by the start of November, which coincidently will be right around the deadline game for Tyler. (The 30th against the Toronto Maple LAFFS will be his 10th.)  There is nothing Regier can do but send Paetsch packing. Fans will be calling for his head if he decides to send Myers back to juniors.

Even Pominville scored. Welcome back. Please stay this year. 🙂

Grier, Ellis, and Vanek finished the scoring.  I’ve also been highly impressed with Kaleta this year. 2 goals, 2 assists in 7 games. Keep it up.

When they play like this I don’t see them losing very often. Playoffs here we come.   Yeah, I just did declare that in October. Can you blame me?


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