Sigh… Atlanta games.

20 Oct

Oh Sabres… Can we not play this fun little “We’re going to suck every time we play Atlanta” game this year? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed getting thoroughly pissed off watching them last year, so I should know what to expect. But you can’t play awesome the first few games and give me such high hopes and then crash and burn against the Thrashers like that. I will stop watching those games, I swear to god.

Anyways.. onto Lalime. Ugh I don’t even wanna go here. I already had lost hope in that game when I heard he was starting.  Then bam! 2-0 Thrashers. I unfortunately (fortunately?) had to work so I missed the 1st period, so I didn’t get a chance to see how truly awful they were. But I heard enough about it. Patty seriously needs to step up this year though, because Ryan isn’t going to be able to do 70+ games and then the Olympics too.  Although I wish he was a machine and started every game because then I’d never be worried.

Kennedy and Myers give me hope. If Darcy decides to send either of them down I don’t even know what I will do. Get rid of Paetsch. Maybe Paille too. He only tries for about 2 out of every 20 games as it is.

Pomers, thanks for finally scoring. Let’s do that a bit more often now, k?

Goose, keep on doing what you’re doing, standing up for Miller when he gets run over. I like seeing that, everyone else should follow suit.

I’m loving Kaleta and Clarkie. They have been outstanding so far this year.

And you knew Afinogenov was gonna score. I just wish he played like that the last 2 years. I miss him. One of my favorite players who played for Buff. Hope he has a turn-around year with Atl.

Finally, my dear sabres, can you go back to playing like you did the first 5 games? Western NY would appreciate that, thanks.

(ps. if you pull this crap against Ottawa this year, we’re totally fighting.)

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